Monday, January 5, 2015

The 9 foot x 22" log gets a start.

 EPS cut on the AKU machine with thew rails included , just thinned out
 Scribe the 18mm all round to be cut off
 Good looking little board
Nice template / outline
Cut the 18mm off the shaped railsas this will be replaced by Paulownia
 Clean up the outline with the surf form
 Cut out the 3mm rail band
Glue and tape them on
Wood all round and trimmed down to the foil of the board
Ready to add the top and bottom skins
First up I need to set up the rocker table and get the right blocks at each end of the board

Looking good

 Pour out the " Fix It Mate " Polyurethane glue
 I use a plastic squeegee
With the humidity at about 80% this time of year and the glue reacting with moisture, it doesn't take long for it to start foaming and expanding and you can tell that as it changes colour as well.
Glue on , then postion and tape the skins top and bottom.
 Slide and postion in the bag over the blocks screwed down to the table
 Seal up the end with masking tape and turn the pump on for 2 hours.

 Laminating the rails on 5mm at a time
 You can pull a lot of pressure with just good quality masking tape
 Sharpen the hand plane and tidy up the rails top and bottom
A heavy weight is great for holding things in place while I put my back into a few good sessions of hand planing
Looks good as it cleans up
Thats better

Tail block on to finish things off.

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