Saturday, May 26, 2018

Passing on the battern

 Shaun came to me looking for a mentor to assist him with his Industrial Design Course at Griffith Uni. He had models and ideas for building boards and after going through his concepts and evaluating them, it became obvious that some were a little complicated and like most people over engineered for what was needed. But that was cool as it showed that he was thinking things through and problem solving. So I showed him the way I build boards and went through the many ways that others build boards as well to demonstrate that there is no right and wrong way of building boards, just many different approaches. He was keen to use wood and keep it as green as possible.

I said to him that I believed in my endeavour to refine and simplify my building method that I had come as close to building the greenest or most sustainable board that I could. Not that that was my initial intention. Just something I have come to in continually evaluating the process and keeping it simple and uncomplicated by continually asking what am I trying to do with each step. I have also researched and tried many products along the way.It is now a very simple approach to building a board, with very few tools and very little waste.I have shared my process and ideas with people all over the world literally and have no problem with that although a lot of people ask why. My answer why not.

So it has been a very rewarding experience to share with Shaun what I know and build a board with him over the last few weeks.