Friday, April 25, 2014

More boards

4ft 8" Mini Simmons for Neil Pye all ready to mark out the fins and send off to have the boxes fitted.Then I hand plane and shape the rails.

 Outline all cleaned up and rail bands cut ready to laminate on a 5ft 6" Hydro Simmons for Peter Redmond who I met at the Waipu Cove Fish Fry in New Zealand.
 First one on and looking good.
Second of 3 x 5mm rail bands on. I will cut the double diamond tail outline into the board once this glue goes off.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Darren's new board for Bali

 Darren looks pretty happy with his 8ft 6" x 22" pintail. Single concave into double and out through the tail with V. Fins to be set up with a box and side bites.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Special order SUP for the UK

I have been asked to build a wooden SUP to go to Haris Zambarloukos a cinematographer in London.He wants an 8ft x 28" SUP at 100 litres. It has been a great project to work on. Here are a few progress shots.
 This is the VH grade EPS blank that I have had custom hot fired the outline and then Simon at Dolphin Surf Craft has cut the top and bottom on his APS3000 machine
The line down the middle is a glue line as the blank got hot wired in two pieces.
Here I have glued the first 3mm rail band of Paulownia around the outside and foiled it to the blank. Ready to mark up and cut out the top and bottom skins 4mm deck and 3mm bottom.
In the bag for two hours to let the glue go off.
Keeping it simple.
Fresh out of the bag and ready to be tidied up.
 All cleaned up and ready to scribe the rail bands
 Rail bands cut from 5mm Paulownia a little over size to do the job.
 First rail bands on and we are underway
 Building out
After 2 rail bands I then cut the double diamond tail and start the laminates there.
After I get the four laminates on all the tail section I then start to do the last 2 rail bands
Last rail band on and ready to add the nose block before heading to the shaping bay.
Sharp little plane and steady as she goes.
The 15 kg weight is great for keeping the board on the stand
A lot of shavings and a lot of sweat later and the board is all cleaned up to head to the shaping bay for the next 2 days to hone the rails and final sand the whole board.
The foiling and shaping of the rails begins. Using a shaping bay with lights and AC is just so much better than having to deal with the endless dust at home.
You can't beat a sharp plane with a little candle wax rubbed on the soul.
With the top lights turned off each stroke of the plane becomes evident and the shadows show you the way.

Getting closer.
The fine tuning and final sanding done