Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boards need names

 Toby surfed this little 4ft 8" simmons at the Byron Bay Surf Festival and just had to have it. He picked it up from me last week after I finished the 4ft 4" for Raz to replace this one. Toby said it was so good to ride this board that has named it "Morning Wood"

  "Been surfing the board heaps and love it man, attached a crappy pic of a mushy day, but so stoked- the thing makes me smile....YEW!  'best morning wood I've ever had....ha'."

 This is Raz's 4ft 4" x 22" x 2 1/4" that I built him to replace the 4ft 8" above.
 Raz has called this the "Micro Chip"

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Full production mode

Getting the glue down on Raz's 4ft 4" ready for bagging the top and bottom.
 Bagging with a few blocks underneath to hold the rocker as the pressure comes on.
 Laminating the rails one at a time , 4 x 5mm thick strips
 The raw hot wired blank
 First rail band glued onto the raw blank and then have it cut top and bottom on the AKU machine
 Top and bottom vac bagged on and the rails cleaned up ready to laminate the rail bands on
 The progressive steps

Getting warmed up
 This is Ras's 4ft 4" x 22" x 2 1/4"  @ 24 Lt.
 Oiled and ready to go. Raz has named the board "The Chip" 
He has stepped down to this from the 4ft 8"

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Surf World Torquay exhibition

 It was a great honour to last night be down in Torquay for the opening of this exhibition. 12 of us had been selected to tell our stories of what surfing meant to us and what part it played in our lives.
I have to thank Craig Baird from the museum for organising a great event and having me be a part of it. There is still more to do and the exhibition is on until June 2013. It was my first time to Torquay and it seems like a great little surf side country town. We drove off down the Great Ocean Road and was surprised how much it was like parts of New Zealand. Kaikora and the East Coast of the North Island. Very cool.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

9ft 6" Pintail Slider

 Hot wired EPS blank with 5mm Paulownia stringer ready to be cut
 Blank cut on AKU cnc machine , this time rails squared and top and bottom cut all at once to save time. Normally get the rails cut square and than laminate the outline with 4mm Paulownia prior to getting the deck and bottom cut.
 4mm Paulownia laminated on and foiled to the board shape.
 Glued and bagged on the rocker table to hold the rocker and avoid any twist.

 Out of the bag after 2 1/2 hours

Deep concave through to a nice roll out the tail , sweet shape.