Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Sam's channel bottom Twinny

I met Sam at Mt Woodgee Surfboards here on the Gold Coast as I was dropping off the poster for this years Wooden Board Day. He said it would be great to build a wooden board some time and so I offered to help him when he was ready.
So Sam had Fitzy at Elite Cutting down in Tweed cut his favourite 5ft 8" twin fin from a Marko Eco Blank.
So I set to and scribed the 6mm around the outline to square up the rails.
 Then it was a matter of adding 2mm Paulownia around the outline
 The flyer and tail V as well
 Then bagged the 2mm Paulownia skin on the deck only
He has an interesting back foot concave on the deck and so I had to wet out the Paulownia a little to assist with softening up the wood to bend and conform to the contours back there.
 I trimmed off the excess deck skin to the outline
 Then I added the 2 x layers of 6mm Cork to build out the rails. One piece front to back as it bent really nicely through the flyer as well. I found the gun stapler really hand to pin the cork to the wooden rail band and enable me to stretch it length ways a little. As cork has no stucture it is easy to work with and control. 
I also taped the template I had used to cut out the cork over the top of the cork to reduce pressure points in the cork as I glued it on. It helped keep the cork flat. You can also tape the cork on and then vacuum bag it.

These Japanese saw rasps are magic for taking the cork down and shaping it.
 All flushed up

 I gave the board to Sam with a few tools and he cut in his prefered contours. Not that easy working with 3 different materials and he did a great job.
All ready to head off to the glassing room.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

My Surfing story

It was a great honour in 2012 to be chosen to be part of an exhibition at the National Surfing Museum.Surfing is enjoyed by many people from many backgrounds and this was a selection of people and "Their Surfing Story". A big thanks to Craig Baird the Curator at the museum for pulling it all together. The exhibition was to only run for 6 months or so but was so popular it was run for a couple of years. At the end Craig interviewed each of us to capture our story in our own words.