Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last of the batch of six

The last of a batch of 6 boards is ready for me to mark out the fins. It is a 7ft x 23" Hydro Simmons for big Dave Jackson from Coolum Beach on the Sunshine Coast. I have created a fair bit of shavings in the process of cleaning them up.

Monday, June 23, 2014

6ft x 21" Hydro Simmons for Peter Wilkins

 Just finished this board for Peter Wilkins from Goolwa South Australia. Peter was in NZ in March on holiday and attended the Waipu Cove Fish Fry. He saw my board and like the look of it so ordered one for him self.Good looking board at these dimensions. Looking forward to a ride report.

Ride report -  3 days, 5 surfs with 10 hours in the water, surfing generally off-shore an occasional cross-offshore in 2' to 4' waves, and I haven't stopped smiling. Thanks Grant, this board is a treat and the dimensions are perfect for my needs here at Goolwa. It will be my go-to board now in these conditions. It picks up waves very easily, generates speed at a blink and is very manoeuvrable. I'm presently riding the board as a tri-fin using Future "Solus" fins, and will eventually try a quad set-up.
I am looking forward to giving it a go in bigger surf, but the intended purpose was for surf I've spent the last few days in.
This board has certainly created a lot of interest at the beach (so to the board bag). I'll give you further up-dates in weeks to come.
Grant you have "nailed it".