Sunday, April 28, 2013

The pull of the vacuum bagging process

 It is  quite amazing how much curve you can pull with the vacuum bagging process. This is a 3mm skin of Paulownia on the bottom of a board I worked on over the weekend.
 This is the tail of a 4ft 8" x 17" Slimmons on the way.
4ft 4" x 22" Simmons in the bag. 3 in a day gives me plenty to work on in the coming weeks laminating rails.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Slimmons gun for WA

 Josh Punch has moved to Margaret River Western Australia and been riding his 5ft Simmons I shaped him in some serious surf. The smallest board in the line up. Considering he is 85kg it is a fair effort. We his Dad Brian wanted to get him another board so they decided to streach the simmons he has and give him some more length  to get into the waves a little earlier. He has been free falling on most steep ones. He loves the feeling of the simmons.So we went 6ft 6" x 19".

 The bottom contours are the same as my wooden Slimmons.
 Hi Dad Brian glassed the PU blank with Epoxy for strength and even went double on the leggies.
 It's on its way to WA as of now. Can't wait for the ride report. Josh has ridden the 5ft Simmons in all sorts of waves and even Bali twice.

Friday, April 12, 2013

6ft 6" Simmons for James Mason

 James Mason from Adelaide South Australia got hold of me a while ago to see if I could help him with a board. So I designed him a 6ft 6" simmons and got it hot wired out of VH EPS for him. Then I glued the first rail band on and had the board cut on the AKU machine. Packed it up and sent it to him. James then vacuumed the skins on and laminated the rails before shaping them.

This is the result. A great looking board for a big guy to have fun on.

"Got it in the water this morning ,very surprised at how easy it was to catch waves on a board that is nearly three feet shorter than anything else I have ridden.
The biggest surprise of all was that I could get up and turn the bloody thing! I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to ride it at all."
6ft 6" x 24" x 3"  62 lt