Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jun from Surfers Country Surfboards

It has been great to work with Jun on his first wooden board. He handshaped this 8ft x 22" pintail from a US Blanks EPS blank with a light stringer. He cut the rails off and gave me the board to get ready to bag.
I glued the 3mm rail band all round and cut the skins ready for him to come up and help bag it.
 My liitle bandsaw that I inherited from my dad has been so handy. Get it out when I need it and stash it under the work bench when finished. It is all I need for the size wood I need to cut.
Rocker held at each end and ready to get into it.

 Getting the glue on one side
Setting up the blank onto the bottom skin
Bottom skin lined up and getting the glue down for the deck skin. As you can see you don't need a lot of glue as it foams up and expands as it goes off.
Tape the two skins in position so they don't move around as you get them into the bag.

Skins glued on and slide her in the bag
Locked and loaded and in 2 hours it is all done.
Jun has taken the board home and added the first 2 rail bands

All the 5mm rail bands on and read to clen up and shape the rails.