Monday, November 15, 2010

The 10 foot Simmons for summer...

Went with the full width concave but added a chine to thin the rail out and sit the fins on top.

Nice blend with the S deck

I wanted to keep with the traditional simmons fin shape but loosen it up a bit .As it has a long base the best thing seemed to be to add the cut away to free up the flow.

I just finished shaping the 10 foot Simmons as my summer experiment. 10ft x 24". Looks good and can't wait for Dan to glass it. Have gone with a rolled entry and a full length concave with a chine in the back 1/3. The fins will sit on top of the chine. So there is quite a bit going on on the underside. Have a nice smooth S deck and it all blends pretty well.I have designed some double foiled cut away bamboo traditional Simmons fins. I have been inspired by what John Cherry has done with his balsa replica Simmons and he has been very helpful with sharing ideas and things that he has learnt from his experience and feedback from riding his board. I wanted to keep as much of the original Simmons outline rocker and fin shapes as possible. But with a tweek of some of what I have learnt with the Mini Simmons I have made.