Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sam's Alley Slider

Sam wanted to be there and check out the shaping of his 9ft 2" Alley Slider...

He loves his board and has introduced me to his friends who have want one as well. Thanks Sam.

Woody Alley Slider

The foam Alley Slider was so much fun to ride that I decided to build a wooden version.

All Paulownia construction and 1 x 4oz glass top and bottom.

Once you put the deck on it is as strong as with so many glued surfaces

Shaping the laminated rails is a big job and a test of your skills and sharp tools.

I built the woody fish at the same time, so was pretty busy in the garage.

The CNCed parts go together like a jig saw puzzle and are very accurate and strong.

I started the build down at Mikes shed where he had all the gear to make it happen quickly and so that we could check out our ideas and construction design as they came together.

For more pics and the whole build process , I have posted it on my Wooden Surfboard Blog.

The Alley Slider

A "Pig" inspired shape with the widest and thickest part of the board 18" behind half way. So a long subtle concave and flat rocker from the nose leads to the rolled bottom at the widest point and rolled slight V out through the tail.

Nice glass job by Dan. The narrow nose and flat rocker make for a great nose rider.

10ft x 24" a fun board for most conditions and so easy and forgiving to ride.

Everything revolves around the widest and thickest part of the board back behind 1/2 way .You step forward and with the flat rocker and nose concave it just takes off. You step back and with the rolled V through the tail it just tips into a turn so easily with the big hatchet fin.

A great board that has seen alot of waves and alot of fun.

Woody 5ft 10" fish

CNC routed parts ready to be cleaned up. 6mm Paulownia sheet glued up.

It all just slides together and has great structural integrity even at this stage.

Pretty tight and tidy in a short time and no need for a rocker table or anything like that.

Just make sure it is all straight by clamping it to a straight edge down the stringer

A couple of props to keep it true and then glue it up.

Frames come cut with tabs that go through the rail band and hold it all in place.

The foam just makes it so much easier to shape the finer parts of the board and give you more glue surface where needed most.

Deck skin of 6mm glued on and ready to be trimmed for the laminated rails

4oz glass both sides and a Gore Tex breather.

Carbon Quadzilla

Gluing up the hot wired blank at home, high density styrene with an 8mm Paulownia stringer

Peter Mo pasting the blank with black tinted epoxy to seal the blank prior to the carbon fiber lay up. He is the master at these sort of boards.

The nice tight pattern of the carbon twill weave

Gore Tex breather in the nose

Takayama Halo quad fin set give plenty of bite

The Alley

10ft Quadzilla 2

I built this for those great winter swells with long walls at the Alley. From the point all the way across the banks to Lacey's

Dick Van fin design with nice flex

Pretty flat rocker for a big board , but it gives it plenty of speed in trim.

Big board for a big guy...