Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woody 5ft 10" fish

CNC routed parts ready to be cleaned up. 6mm Paulownia sheet glued up.

It all just slides together and has great structural integrity even at this stage.

Pretty tight and tidy in a short time and no need for a rocker table or anything like that.

Just make sure it is all straight by clamping it to a straight edge down the stringer

A couple of props to keep it true and then glue it up.

Frames come cut with tabs that go through the rail band and hold it all in place.

The foam just makes it so much easier to shape the finer parts of the board and give you more glue surface where needed most.

Deck skin of 6mm glued on and ready to be trimmed for the laminated rails

4oz glass both sides and a Gore Tex breather.

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