Saturday, March 19, 2011

Woody Alley Slider

The foam Alley Slider was so much fun to ride that I decided to build a wooden version.

All Paulownia construction and 1 x 4oz glass top and bottom.

Once you put the deck on it is as strong as with so many glued surfaces

Shaping the laminated rails is a big job and a test of your skills and sharp tools.

I built the woody fish at the same time, so was pretty busy in the garage.

The CNCed parts go together like a jig saw puzzle and are very accurate and strong.

I started the build down at Mikes shed where he had all the gear to make it happen quickly and so that we could check out our ideas and construction design as they came together.

For more pics and the whole build process , I have posted it on my Wooden Surfboard Blog.

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