Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vans Surf Team quiver for the Fish Fry

First up I had to meet Kyuss King to check out how small he was. This is him in the red hat with his dad and little brother.He is 11 years old and 4ft 8" 40kg of hot grom.I took a few boards to show him as he had no idea of what it was all about.
 I was contacted by John Parmeter the team manager of the Vans surf team a few months ago with the idea of having the guys shape some boards and then come along to the Fish Fry to check it out to see what it is all about. A chance for the guys to get together and to try something different. Well as it turned out time will tight for them to shape a board each and get it glassed in the week before the Fry. So I have the job of designing them something different to experiment with.

 The board for Kyuss is 3ft 8" x 19  x  2 1/8" and will have some hand foiled wooden fins.

Freshly shaped in the bay
Left to right ...
6ft x 23" x 3" for John the Team manager , it will have keel fins.
5ft x 22 1/2" x 2 1/2"  for  Caleb Reid-Boquist a team rider from Sydney
4ft 8" x 23" x 3" for Thom Pringle a team rider from the Sunshine coast
And Kyuss's board as above.
Dan and I are also designing a board for Wade Goodall that we will cut and he will finish.
The guys will get some footage of them shaping this board .

Glassed and ready for the boys to Posca the hell out of them.

Kelly Slater saw this one yesterday and wants to ride it. Also one of Dan's team riders Dru Adler who is 6ft 6" ants a go as well. Now that I would like to see 6ft 6" on a 3ft 8" board.

Nice little set of keels foiled by Dan. The whole board scaled out pretty well.