Monday, January 5, 2015

Biggest board to date underway, 11 foot glider

 EPS core hot wired out and then cut on APS 3000 machine with Shape 3D software.
 3mm Paulownia parabolic rail band added immediately stiffens things up
 Nose and tail overlap trimmed off
All ready to hand plane the 3mm rail band down to the foam and tidy it all up. Also waiting for the 12 foot .7mm PVC bag to be made up to use on this.
A couple od hand weights help keep the board on the rack while I hand plane the 3mm rail bands down to the foil of the foam.
Plenty of meat but still not a bad foil
Single concave and the start if the rail chine
Into a double concave in the single concave and a slight more angle on the chine
 Double concave
Chine fades out as it goes into a straight double concave
Double becomes a V
V out through the tail
 Long and slender at 24" wide finished

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