Saturday, January 3, 2015

Genki's visit

About 10 days out from Christmas I got an email from Genki Terauchi from Japan.He is a friend of Nobby's and did Paul Jensen's board building class in Japan last year.He and his wife and 3 kids were looking for a camper van and hoping to book some camp sites for their trip.I made him aware that this was the busiest time of year and to have not booked something by now was going to be making things pretty hard.First up they lost a day by being stuck in Taipei , they did find a camper in Brisbane but lost their site booking at Noosa so went to Broken Head. While there the camper broke down and being Christmas by now they had to wait 3 days for a mechanic to come back to work.When I got back from Sydney he called and was heading for the Gold Coast. They couldn't find a site anywhere here and so spent the night with us.
We had a great time and he speaks very good english. It was 80% plus humidity and 30c + even at 8pm. So they were glad to have a shower and a bed as a break from the little camper van.He is a great guy and very passionate about his wooden board building.
Genki and I with the board he built in Paul's class.

If you are going to Japan, he woulkd be a very good contact.

Genki Terauchi  -  Genki <
Uwadana HO76, Kahoku-city, Ishikawa prefecture 929-1102, Japan
Phone: +81-90-6178-8842, SKYPE: genkinaotoko

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