Sunday, August 30, 2015

Unglassed 9ft 3" wooden Alley Slider for Gero Wolff

 The VH grade EPS comes off the machine pretty cleanly
The APS 3000 machine leaves a tucked rail which needs to be taken off as this is a rolled rail design.
After sanding and cleaning up the blank I scribe an 18mm line all the way round the blank and cut it off with the Janpanese pull saw.
 I clean it up with the surf form and sanding block to set a square face to now add the first 3mm Paulownia rail band to.
Time to take it home and start adding wood.
 3mm Paulownia strips added all round , stiffens the blank up and holds the rocker
It is amazing how good quality masking tape can hold it all together and the force you can put on it.
All trimmed up and tidy for the skins to go on
Skins on hand and ready to go
 Setting up the rocker table
 6mm deck skin and 4mm bottom skin, my trusty old band saw still doing the job
 Lay the bag out over the rocker table and get ready to bag it up.

In she goes
Just masking tape to seal her up , keep it simple and cost efective.
2 hours in the bag
6mm pulled a long way round that rail with the bag, no problem.

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