Saturday, August 1, 2015

Stringerless EPS Hydro V 7ft 6" for Daryl Johnson


Ride Report:

" I got some real fun wave in the maldives on the little yellow hydro, took two other boards but ended up surfing the yellow baby 99.9 percent of the time. Its got heaps of speed and just loved surfing it on both fore and back hand as it fly’s and so nice and loose and is so twitchy.
Had to put in some bigger back fins in the quad setup to stop it sliding when I put it in to a hard turn,because the tail is so wide you could really feel the slide  …apart from the slide the board is awesome , the boys on the trip even were impressed how good it was working for me ,,,, love it and will talk about maybe another one with a pulled in round tail design .

The big sister has only had a few trips to sea,,the surf wasn’t that great when I first got her ,,, but the last three trips out I have had nice long rides and have been able to work out the fins that work in it ,,put the bigger front fins in the back plugs and the smaller back ones in the front so like a reverse quad set up and its been really fun ,,,,you can feel how corky it is ,,and its really loose and fun ,,the only draw back is that I can’t duck dive the bad girl,,my mates think its funny watching me try and getting thrown around and smashed ,,,Loving them both and looking to having a real fun summer on them both ,,,,,,Ta for making them for me and will talk again over the summer "
Kindest regards Daryl………...




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