Saturday, July 5, 2014

In the shaping bay

 Peter Mo getting the fin boxes in a 7ft Hydro Simmons and a 6ft 6" single fin as well for me
 This is a 9ft single fin all ready to be fine tuned and have the rails sorted.
 Square nose , square tail for this one
 Coming up nicely
 The 7ft Hydro Simmons getting a rail job.
 Lots of hand planing
 Sand paper brings it all together and to life.
Looking good. The lights sure help in the rail shaping and fine tuning.
 Bevan wanted the nose pulled in a little more on this one
5ft 4" x 19" foam version for Adam on the Sunshine Coast. 
He will glass this one himself as a project.
 Adam having a blast on the 5ft 4" x 19"

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