Thursday, July 10, 2014

7ft Hydro Simmons for Bevan

 Just finished this 7ft x 23" x 2 5/8" @ 54 Lt  -  VVH EPS foam core with 5mm deck skin and 4mm bottom skin for plenty of strength and durability as Bevan is tall and about 95kg.
7 footer with 2 x 5ft 6" siblings @ 22" and 19" wide

Some comments from Bevan...  
"A few screaming rights at burleigh this morning. Got a few gems where I set the rail early and raced the lip through the inside section. Also got pitched a few times when I got caught behind, had trouble surfing the critical part of the wave so got to try and get more weight on the tail.

I get alot of questions on the 7’. This is not the board to have if you are trying to fly under the radar. What kind of wood is it? What’s the construction? Who shaped it? What does it surf like? How does that shape go? Mostly get stares at the board as I rip by.
It does fly though in conditions like yesterday, not many waves and so quite competitive scratching into the sets which were getting spaced further apart.

I am a free ad for you, 5 people in and out of the water admiring your work."



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