Monday, May 19, 2014

Custom order 8ft x 28" wooden SUP for the UK

 The 8ft SUP is close to being packed up and air freighted off to Haris in London. It has been a big project.
 This board is a custom order for Haris Zambarloukos, BSC who grew up in Nicosia, Cyprus, an island outside of Greece. He is a well known cinematographer based in London , who loves his surfing and travels the world for his work and his board travels with him.It has been a great experience to build this board for Haris.

 5ft 6" x 22" and 5ft 6" x 19" unglassed Hydro simmons show the family resemblance
 Haris wanted to try the keel fin setup as well
 Rasta Quads in place
 Will apply clear traction on the deck before sending off.
 Nice proportions for a big board, I am very pleased with the outcome. 4mm deck skin and 3mm bottom with 4oz glass all over as it will need to stand up to a few knocks from the paddle from time to time.

And here it is in Portugal

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