Sunday, May 4, 2014

6ft fish lands in San Diego

I built this 6ft fish with the same bottom contours as my Hydro Simmons but with a slight rolled entry. Ted Dedrick saw it on my blog and wanted it so I packed it up and off it went. He picked it up from LAX last week.
" I hope I don't disappoint you, but I think you know I'm riding the fish on my knees, so I put on a custom deck pad.  I strained my back a while ago and that made me make my first knee/surf the photo. I totally dig it now!
I think your board is sweeter, lighter, shorter and quicker. I'll probably never stand on it. I stand rarely on my other one.
PS...I love having no wax. I use some 3M clear grip tape on the rails up towards the nose. Helps grabbing on under waves, etc. They are coming out with a new SUP deck material that is even lighter. Should work on surfboards, also, I think. Wax seems old school to me.
It paddles exceptionally well and is very nimble and quick. It also gets a lot of compliments. It just has this cool shape that catches everyone's eye.
I'm so glad I bought it!"


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