Saturday, July 28, 2012

Young innovator getting ready for summer.

Although Marlborough, New Zealand is not known as a hot-bed of surfboard development, Tom Costley is leading the charge thanks to his Australian surfing connections. He has taken to building himself a quiver of wooden boards through the colder winter months in readiness for some quality time at his local break Robin Hood Bay. Tom has a strong connection with the bay as his grandfather and great grandfather both grew up there living next to the sea.We look forward to updates and ride reports.
 Here Tom proudly shows off his latest shape , he has gone for the high performance thruster fin setup on this one , long ,  narrow and built for steep fast waves coming in off Cook Strait.
 Tom keeps it simple with tool selection and workshop space, a very organic approach to his craft.
 He is very relaxed in the shaping bay and enjoys the thrill of creating new boards.
The ever important fin placement only comes from years of experience.

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