Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Big Bob " Simmons"

Turned out pretty sweet really.

Bamboo fins by Paul from the Northern Fin Company

Glass by DMS Daniel MacDonald

Long concave right through blending in with the hullish nose.

S deck stands out in this shot.

I wanted to keep the twin fin original Simmons fin template , but thought I would experiment with having the last 1/3 cut away to lessen the base lenght and maybe free things up a little. Also moved the fins up 6 1/2" inches from the tail and sat them on top of the chine.I have to thank John Cherry for his inspiration and feedback. As well as Roger Hall and Dick Van Straalen for bouncing ideas off. But a big thanks goes to Bob Simmons for just thinking outside the square all those years ago.Imagine if he were still here now , where would surfing have gone ?

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