Monday, December 12, 2016

7ft 2" x 23" x 2 1/2" @ 55 lt for Bevan Wong

 2lb EPS US Blanks cuts and finishes up pretty tidy.

 We are going with a carbon tape strip down the top and bottom stringer line, nose to tail to stiffen things up. Carbon mesh over the tail area. 4oz cloth with Inegra under 6oz on the deck and 6oz bottom. Bevan is 6ft 3" and 100kg.
"That is sweet, what a fantastic Christmas present. Great job, the plan shape and open tail look very nice. I don't know about you, I buy lots of stuff consumer goods, cars, houses, properties, the latter because there is economic value in it. New surfboard stoke is difficult to beat in terms of excitement and value! "
Now that is a happy customer, thanks Bevan ... Merry Christmas.
First day, fin boxes , Carbon strip 40mm wide and 6 oz.all over.
 Next, carbon strip  40mm wide , Carbon Vector net 1inch diamond patch , Quad axial 4oz cloth with Innegra and 6oz all over.

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