Wednesday, September 23, 2015

10 foot Alley Glider for Lou Gromadzki

Lou wanted a glider for those long point waves we get. So this is what I came up with. He is not a big guy and he should fly on this thing. Grant...
Had a couple of Surfs on the New Shooter and totally Stoked..1st surf was Shitty Kirra very small low tide and couldnt really work it out ...seemed like the Board had a mind of its own..but then i got a couple of little Screamers and thought Hmm OK.Then this morning Clean fun small waves but very nice with some wall and the Board felt great...Lose and some nice Trim and Speed...Paddles Well and the Weight has turned out Purrrrfect still need to work out where the sweet spots are but that will come with Time and Confidence. Its what i wanted in a board of this does Glide.Got a nice fin from Wiz down at Byron which will make a Difference also...
Cant wait to get it in some good waves.
Any way Grant ...thanks for a very Nice Board

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  1. Beautiful shape and beautiful longboard !!! good job... hello from France