Saturday, June 6, 2015

Bagging the 11 foot glider

 Getting this set up on the bench. I have the blocks in place and screwed to the table to hold the rocker and the 12 foot bag layed out on top ready to take the board.
 I have decided to use some fibre glass fly screen mesh between the EPS and 5mm deck skin to see if it will give a little added support of my 6ft 3" 120 kg sitting on the board in this spot even thogh I will be glassing the finished board.

Bottom glued and 3mm skin in place. Time to start spreading the polyurethane glue.

You don't need alot of glue todo the job. You can see in the foreground how with the humidity it is starting to foam up.
All sealed up in the bag for 2 hours. Big job, big board.

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