Sunday, May 3, 2015

5ft simmons for Christian in Coffs Harbour

 EPS core staright off the machine out on the lawn to cut off the rails
 Rails off and all squarded up, ready to have 3mm of paulownia wrapped around.
 Skins getting bagged on
 All encapsulated in wood and trimmed up ready for laminating the rails on
Rail bands going on
 2 more to go , that will be 3 x 5mm each
 Rail bands all done , just the nose and tail blocks
A fair bit of cleaning up to do with the hand plane before heading to the shaping bay.
A bit of time cleaning up with the hand plane and we are looking more like it.
The top side all cleaned up.
All squared up and then ready to start shaping the rails.
Starting to flow down that rail

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