Wednesday, February 18, 2015

7ft x 23" Tri Plane Hull for Craig

3mm Paulownia rail bands going on
 Clean up the rail bands and use the band saw to cut out the skins
I have cut the top and bottom at the same time. My new bench is a great work space for handling large panels safely.
 In the bag for 2 hours

 All cleaned up and ready for laminating the 3 x 5mm rail bands on
Nothing better than a sharp little hand plane
 First of the 5mm rail bands go on
 This is my steamer, as low tech as it can be but all you need to do the job.
 Damp tea towel, spray bottle and steam iron. Steam will soften Paulownia way more than you think.
You can pull an enormous amount of pressure with good quality masking tape. Cheap, flexible and low tech.
One more to go
The more you scibe the rail abnds to suit the foil of the board the less amount of timber you are working with and need to bend. Pretty simple really.

Clean up the rails
Foil them down to the board
 Then clean up the garage
 Down to the shaping bay and start slowly hand planing the rails
 Starting to tidy up
Sanding and nearly there

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