Thursday, December 26, 2013

The African Alley Slider

Jaco from South Africa can across my blog and liked the look of my Alley Slider design and having shaped a few boards decided he would like to do one for himself. I sent him files and screen grabs to check out the design. But he wanted to hand shape it. Here are his words.
"I did finish the Alley Slider and am pretty stoked with it ! As you can see I did a bit of 2 WWar theme ! People love the board but the design is not everyone's cup of tea !"

" Ok some stats on the board : 10 ft x 23,5 x 3 1/4 - I did try to stick to your file as close as possible. It was a huge help ! The board took me 10 1/2 hours to shape. That is spread over 2 weeks . Was a big challenge for me but also very rewarding ! I did have input from my shaper friend on all the different steps etc."
"As you can see the leash plug idea of yours came out great. The board was glassed 3x 6 ounce top and 2x 6 ounce bottom. Wanted to have a heavy glass job , old school ! Got a Rainbow Nomad fin , friend of mine bought it in USA but it does not work for him , I love it ! "
"Needles to say I am pretty stoked and love this board. For a first time I am happy. Your advice to take it step by step was key and walking away to come back with fresh eyes also helped."
"Thanks Grant for your support and valuable input."

Kind Regards
I would like to say , he has done a great job and I am sure he will enjoy the fun and forgiving nature of this board design.

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