Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Coolum Eco Challenge

Jackie and I took 9 wooden boards up to Coolum on the weekend for the Eco Challenge. We had 7 demo boards from 4ft 4" to 5ft 4" simmons. It was great to see all these young Groms who had never ridden a simmons let alone a wooden board so keen to try them and then get out there and have so much fun.
It was a fun day and great weather.
It was on shore Northerlies all day and pretty sloppy.
 But the guys managed to find a few fun ones out there.
 Dave Rastovich and Tom Wegener were the judges on the day as to who had the most fun.
Ended up we got 1st and second place on one of our wooden boards.I must admit I had a lot of enquiring questions as they picked a board to head out , but came back very happy with the experience and quite surprised with how the boards performed it such bad conditions.

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