Monday, September 2, 2013

An excited Italian

Here is a note and some pics I received from Andrea.
"Hi Grant.
My name is Andrea Campioni , I'm Italian . This summer I bought in Byron Bay your  4'8" Mini Simmons, and my life has changed. I'm the only one who has this board in Italy and every time I go to the beach the people go crazy to see me surfing and makes me 1000 questions ! I have a question for you: THE LANOLIN THAT I FOUND HERE IN ITALY IS VERY THICK AND DIFFICULT TO SPREAD, HOW CAN I DO? ( the photos are of the first day I tried the board, now there is an incredible feeling)
Thank you very much and look answer , you are a Genius
By Andrea "
 Andrea enjoying the simmons in Italy

I have spoken to the guys at Lanotec where I get my lanolin from and they advised Andrea to warm the thicker lanolin he has to thin it out and wipe it onto the board with a cloth. Leave it in the sun to soak in and then buff off the excess and it should be fine. There is nothing you can add to Lanolin that thins it out really apart from heat.

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