Saturday, August 3, 2013

The resined simmons

 New Rasta quads for this one
 The 4ft 4" s 22" and the new 5ft x 22 1/2" simmons
 The split tail loosens it up and works well with the quads.
 Full length concave that blends to full width in the middle and tapers out through the fins with a rolled off chine on the outside of the fins in the tail as well.
 These are Scarafini keel fins
Both boards are finished in a resin coating with no cloth and have come out great. A lot less weight is added  than if it was glassed normally. The resin soaks into the wood and seals it and toughens it a little and then you can wax the board. It is tougher than raw wood with lanolin but not as tough as if it were glassed.

1 comment:

  1. Are they sanded or has the resin just soaked in? As you know im looking at this for my project.

    is there any reason you never use fcs style plugs, im considering using them as all my fins have fcs tabs?