Saturday, September 22, 2012

The 5ft 2" project Simmons

 I went in the bay today to sand up this pre shape that I have been working on in the computer for some time. It is the next generation of the Greenough inspired bottom from his edge board spoons. Well I have tried that and it was pretty radical on the simmons with the full length concave and edge that tapered out towards the tail. Check these out - Here . In this I have removed the edge and dropped the nose concave into the hull entry.
 Full length concave nose to tail that then comes out between the Futures Rasta keels.
 Concave dropped into the hull entry
 Lots of blending of curves here
The concave looks deeper than the 5mm from here

 A full width 5mm deep concave in the middle of the board to keep the flow full length but it can release under the front foot as well.
I have stayed with the flat deck.

Lots of blending
Nice lines and flow - I like it.
Nose concave through the hullish entry to full width concave and tapering to a single concave through the fins

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