Friday, November 25, 2011

11ft Glider

11ft x 24" x 3 3/4" cut from a Burfords 12ft 3" blank with 1/4" and 2 x 1/8" Cedar stringers 6" out from the centre. It certainly fills the shaping bay.

The nose has a hull entry to a transition flat and pinched rails section a 1/3 of the way down from the nose to a 5mm concave in the middle of the board. Then there is another transition a 1/3 up from the tail where there is a flat section before a panel V out through the tail with sharp rails. So there is a lot going on in those bottom contours. 5 3/8" nose rocker and 3 13/16" tail rocker.

Most Skip Fry boards are only 22" wide and this is 24" wide which allows for a little more outline curve. I also have a fuller nose outline curve than a Skip.

I am very happy with the outcome , can't wait to get it wet. I have also done a scaled down 8ft version for Brian Punch below which he is glassing himself.


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