Saturday, February 26, 2011

6ft 5" finned / finless

Made to be finned or finless , will have to wait and see how she goes.

6ft 6" x 22" and 1.5" on the stringer

The nose is inspired by a Greenough spoon , hull entry and full length concave.

The tail is inspired by the Alaia and flaired rails like a body board

It all blends together to make an interesting fun board. The fins are 6" long and 2" tall 5" up from the tail.

Full concave deck and side cut rail line.Some ideas I have had an thought why not just build it and see how she come out.

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  1. Grant,
    Thanks for the kind words, and the singlefin fish works great! It was a bit difficult to learn the board at first but once I figured it out it was magic and suprizingly quick. It's funny though that you should leave a comment on my blog, because i was just on your blog checking out this very board (finned/finless) creation....looks ultra cool and fun! how does it work? Aloha, and keep up the great work.